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Twelve years of Lap-Band Services

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Dr. Rodriguez...

In 2005 I came to you at the age of 45 weighing 289 lbs. As of today I have lost 134 lbs and I wanted to tell you thank you. I went snow skiing and beat my 13 year old son down the mountain and it felt great!

I am attaching two photos one taken on the day I checked in for surgery and a most recent photo of me at my goal weight of 155 lbs!

I am sure it is very rewarding to do the type of work you do and seeing people like myself get there life back! I thank you very much!

I was hoping that you could call me at your convenience so I could get some info from you concerning having the band opened to a maintence level.

Thanks so much!

Cheryl Hood
San Antonio, Texas

At check in 289
today at 155!

Hey Dr. Rod. and Staff. I havent been to social, and figure its time to send you an update and some pics. I had my band placed on October 9, 2004... I really dont remember which hospital I was at....but oh well!!! I had the best experience and still consider my band to be the 2nd best decision ever. ( my wife is #1 of course) I have included 2 pics which show my heaviest weight and my current weight. I started this journey at 380 lbs. I have settled in at 240 lbs and been there about 2 1/2 years now. I fluctuate about 10 lbs, but not enough to worry at this time. I just wanted to say thank you for helping change my life and allow me to do things i never dreamed of doing... para-sailing, roller coasters, and various sports. Thanks again for everything...

~Scott M. Jones

Breanna Lap band Patient
Dr. Rodriguez & Breanna

When I had my daughter in April 2005,  I thought "my God," if I don’t do something I’m going to be the fat mom who cant "keep up!" I wanted my daughter to be proud of me. I’m currently in the nursing program, and I am a good person but I felt like the outside didn’t match what I felt within. So I researched the Lap Band and came to Dr. Arturo Rodriguez on 10/20/2006. I am only five days Post op and I’m down from 260 to 245.

My experience with Dr. Rodriguez was wonderful.  Everything went so smoothly, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. The hotel, the taxis were already set up before I got there. Everyone was gracious and kind. Dr. Rodriguez made me feel good about myself and my results to come. You could see in his eyes that he was truly genuine and loving and that he cares about you as a person and your success.

I would recommend to ANYONE thinking about the Lap Band to save the money and go to Mexico! It’s wonderful. The Hospital (Santa Engracia), topped any hospital I had ever seen in California and I am a Nursing student so I see a lot! It was spotless and beautiful, more like a 5 star hotel!

I am excited to start my new life. It is a struggle to adjust but I am doing it and I am sure it will pay off, just look at all the successes!  Thank you Dr. Rodriguez!


Breanna Lap band Patient
Lisa - Banded Oct. 11th, 2006

Well, I really don’t know where to start except from the beginning. I’m 45 years old and have had a weight problem practically all my life. We’ve all heard the myth about weight problems being in the ‘genes’. After the past 20 years, I believe it! I’ve tried it all - a physician-supervised liquid diet with nasty packets of so called ‘shakes’, Jenny Craig, another liquid diet, Physician’s Weight Loss Systems, Quick Weight Loss Systems, NutriSystem, and have made up a few. Oh, I also have had several types of prescribed diet pills.

One day, a friend made a comment that his wife wanted to go to Mexico and have weight loss surgery. We both laughed it off, but it stuck with me so I decided to check some websites for myself. I was baffled by the prices here in the US, so I checked the price of lap band surgery in Mexico. There are lots of websites, but after around three months of research, I decided on Dr. Rodriguez. I inquired about information and received an email the very next day. It all flowed so smoothly! A representative and fellow ‘lap bander’ gave me a call and we talked for almost an hour. After that conversation, I knew I had made the right choice. They also set me up with financing. All I had left to do was choose a date for surgery!

I flew to Monterrey and was met by a driver who took me on a tour around town before dropping me off at the hotel. I stayed at the Marriott which was fabulous. There were plenty of people behind the desk who speak very good English. They even called my room later that evening to invite me to a cocktail party! I would have taken them up on it, but my surgery was scheduled for 7 am the next day. Dr. Rodriguez’ Patient Care Coordinator, Marisol, called me that evening to assure me that everything was going as scheduled, and a car would pick me up the next morning to drive me to the hospital. 

I arrived at the hospital and the butterflies had not hit as of yet. I was in the surgery suite when they hooked up the pulse meter to my finger before I realized, "Hey this is it"...

I woke up in recovery and they took me to my room. I was happy that there was an English speaking channel, so I got my fill of Law & Order. I had to work at getting in and out of bed as my stomach felt like I had just finished a million sit-ups. Coughing was uncomfortable and immediately after the surgery, you don’t really want anything to eat. It was hard for me to drink juice and slurp jello.

The nurses were very attentive, and very nice. If I needed any type of help, they were right there. The next day, I was able to trek the nearest mall for shopping and a milkshake! I was still sore, but that’s a small price to pay for the end results.

As you can probably tell, this picture is from my security camera at work. I don’t have a lot of pictures of myself as I’m usually behind the camera. I can’t wait to go for my first fill which will be after Thanksgiving!

To sum it all up, I would do it again in a heartbeat! By the way, I did all this by myself. I want to surprise a couple of people next time I fly back home.


I was banded in Monterrey MX, almost 3 years ago. I consider myself a success story.. I hit my goal weight of 140, in the summer of last year.

My lapband was performed by Dr Arturo Rodriguez. He is a very qualified doctor with just the best bed side manner. From the first phone call to the last fill, (I went back to him for all my fills), he always made himself available. His website is http://www.thebariatric.com

It wouldn't surprise me if you did decide to call and compare his references with other surgeons in the area that he himself would answer the phone. I would highly, highly recommed him in your search for finding the right band doctor for you. As other doc's in the area, he has a driver pick you up from the airport, take you staight to the hotel. He'll have someone from his office meet with you. You'll never feel alone.


I was just banded In Monterrey, Mexico by Dr. Arturo Rodriguez. He was fantastic!! He came to the hospital after my surgery and walked with me and talked for over a half hour and then came the next morning for an hour and checked my incisions and reassured me about the process.

I couldnt have asked for anyone nicer. He has also taken my neurotic phone calls yesterdy because I was drinking what I thought was alot and feeling hungry.


My name is Donise and my friend Lydia introduced me to Dr. Rodriguez and his team June 10th 2005. Lydia is a dear friend of mine, and went with me to get my lap-band. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with my lap-band. I just adore Dr. Rodriguez and his bedside manner is warm and kind and I just love him.

I have lost 52 pounds with just 4CC's. I am working out and having the time of my life with my life. I just owe this man and his staff so much gratitude. Everything with my band has gone very well. It has not been a free though. You do have to make healthy food choices. The band just makes you fuller faster and that is the key.

The only regret that I have, and most of us do, is that I could have done this earlier. But, I refuse to wish my life away and instead live for today so I can spread the word about Dr. Rodriguez and his staff and what angels from heaven they are. Thank you for reading.


I was banded in Mexico by Dr Arturo Rodriguez and am so impressed by him and his team. They give a whole new meaning to patient care and follow up, right down to helping me make calls (dozens of them) to other MD's to find a local fill doctor for his patients.

I work in the executive level of medicine, (administrator of large outpatient facility) and the facilities in Monterey were world class, right up there with the Mayo clinic. The care was superb and the physicians down there think their patient's are God! Honest! I cannot find words to describe the kindness, caring and supreme professionalism of these great people.

Any would be bandsters, slect the doctor that makes you feel good, you are entering a life time relationship.


I had my surgery in Monterrey MX by Dr. Arturo Rodriguez, and he is a sweetheart.

Just a darling man. I am 71yr's old and never had a minute of trouble. His group meets you at the airport and has you under their wing from then until you go home.


My Name is Nancy and I was a border line patient (based in USA), being 40 pounds over weight. For some people this much is nothing, I use to think that too. I thought I could just diet and exercise. But the truth is that after 3 kids and many years of food abuse, many diets and exercise routines, at 32 I was at my highest using a size 12. I was depressed, I hated to go shopping & formal parties. I was embarrassed of my body, I use to hide from cameras, being the picture taker all the time. The few times I saw a picture of myself I would pretend it was someone else, because inside I could still remember the petite woman I was once.

I talked and interviewed with many Doctors in USA and in Mexico and I was not sure who to use, but the day I came across Dr. Rodriguez website and after talking to him I knew it was him, the chosen one. I was banded in Reynosa in the Corpus Hospital. WOW what an experience, the staff, the hospital and oh my gosh the Doctor they were great. They treated me like their family, I truly felt like part of the team. I am now a size 6 and I love to look in the mirror, go shopping I am proud of my body now, my life is glamorous again, I look like the skinny models now, even better because I have curves, something I lost many years ago.

I now feel like a first class citizen, I get treated like royalty, people look at me and treat me with respect a lot of attention and is phenomenal!

I have heard that is the inside of a person that matters, I can tell you that now that I am beautiful in the outside, I can be better in the inside because, I am confident, outgoing, happy, active, positive, I had many gray days in the past, today I enjoy & love life like today is my last!

Dr. Rodriguez, thank you for the new me. You changed me and my family's life, We are forever thankful. May god keep you safe, happy and beautiful always, so you may share your gift with others. The gift of changing lives!

~Nancy G.

My first impression of him was he smelled very good! LOL.. He is very nice understanding. made me feel comfortable the whole time. His staff are sweet English speaking. were there for me anytime I have ever needed them. he insists on aftercare. he told me very frank what the risk of surgery were and what the risk of not having surgery were. I would rate him a 10 on a one to ten scale over all.

~Trish F.
Tacoma, WA

Posted on 08/30/2007

The trip to Mexico was everything they said it would be. They picked me up at the airport, transported me to the Marriott. Dr. Rodriguez met me in the lobby of the hotel. They picked me up the next morning and took me to the brand new hospital. It was cleaner and nicer than any US hospital I've ever been in. I stayed overnight and they picked me up and took me back to the Marriott. His assistant came and got me a few hours later and took me to the mall to walk the mall and shop if I wanted too. Dr. Rodriguez came to the hotel later that evening to check on me. They picked me up the next morning and delivered me to the airport. First class all the way and I'd recommend Dr. Rodriguez to anyone.

~Cathy S.
Posted on 05/11/2007

Dr. Rodriguez is the best. He and his team took care of me the minute I got to the airport. The hospital was clean and the nurses there did their best speaking English. Dr. Rodriguez explained every step of the surgery and aftercare. Due to my band slipping the first time, I flew back to MX for him to take it out, at no cost. About 3 1/2 months later I went back to MX for him to put the band back in..Yes I did have to pay a fee but not as much as the first time..He definitely treated me like one of his family. I'd recommend him to anyone.

~Chris N.
Posted on 04/08/2007

First impression is that he is very kind and charismatic. Greets everyone with a hug. He was more than able to answer all of my questions because he has been doing lapband surgery for over 11 years. He speaks very good English, but has a great sense of humor about the words he doesn't know. The day after surgery, he comes by to take off bandages and discharge. He brought aftercare information and explained aftercare and fills in detail. I felt 100% confident in him and would highly recommend him for lapband surgery. Aftercare can be tricky since he lives in Mexico, but he gives out his personal phone number for any questions you may have. It's honestly hard to think of anything negative to say other than he is located in Mexico (which can be a turn-off to most of us).

~Desiree V.
Yukon, OK
Posted on 01/15/2007

My first impression of Dr. Rodriguez was that he was a very caring person. Once I arrived at the hospital, I met him and his staff. They all are very nice and caring. I will have to warn people that none of the hospital staff at San Pedro speak English. He was absolutely wonderful, had wonderful bedside manners. Wanted to make sure I wasn`t in any pain. He himself has a small problem with the English language, but overall I would use him again and I would recommend him to anyone.

~Shannon L.
Posted on 01/13/2007

Dr. Rodriguez has helped change my life in a way that I thought would never be possible. I was banded in July 2004 and have lost 115 pounds so far. His staff has been wonderful to me over the past two years and have been a continual support system for me. Dr. Rodriguez truly cares about his patients and is an excellent surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone!

~Tricia L.
Antioch, TN
Posted on 07/10/2006

Arturo Rodriguez is extremely professional and also exhibits a caring bedside manner. Copies of his degrees, credentials, and other professional proctoring information are on his website www.thebariatric.com My first impression was one of respect among peers. His office staff was friendly and warm. His dietician was very sweet and professional, but it is evident that she is trained in the old style ADA methods as I was 30 years ago. She is pushing the food pyramid and protein first. This is excellent, but it does not account for wasting and malabsorption. Dr. Rodriguez has scheduled group follow-ups and can schedule independent follow-ups with his patients. As far as risks are concerned, he lays out the risks, indications and contraindications. Most of this was by phone prior to scheduling surgery because I was in Chicago and he was in Monterrey. I was not a high risk patient. Only asthmatic. So I brought my Albuterol along..I knew that I needed to review this with the Anaesthesiologist. Overall I would rate him a 9. He would have been a 10 if the surgical clinic was cleaner and their staff more competent. Dr. Rodriguez surgical competence and bedside manner are both great. Upon arriving, he eased my anxieties by introducing me to an out-going patient and her husband. He then introduced me to the other OR staff and the doctor who performed my pre-op colon screening (at my request). Five hours post op, he came by my room with one of his US coordinators and checked on me before going home for the evening. He made certain that I had another patients name and room number so that she and I could walk (in the hall) that evening to reduce the discomfort of the gas in the abdomen. Furthermore, he checked to be certain that my meds (IV fluids and pain) were correct. The next morning he removed my bandages and his logistics coordinator provided pain medication tabs and prophylactic antibiotics for me to take over the next seven days. All in all, the surgery went great. I do plan to followup with a lab in the Chicago area that can assess my nutritional health and perform the necessary blood and fecal analysis.

~Sherri V.
Naperville, IL
Posted on 11/14/2005

My first contact was his patient coordinator. She was very helpful and helped with much of the process of getting financial assistance. When I arrived to Mexico, everyone was so helpful. The chauffeur and the hotel staff were outstanding. When I called the doctors office he was the one that answered the phone and made me feel very comfortable and explained everything I needed to do to prepare for the surgery the next day. When I met the doc at the hospital the next morning he was great and made me feel so at ease. He answered all my questions. He speaks English very well for those of you who are wondering. His anesthesiologist (sp?) spoke English very well and was also great. The nursing staff at the Osler Medial center was great and caring. I miss Sandra already... was a great nurse that appeared in seconds after ringing the buzzer. Overall I would recommend Dr. A. Rodriguez hands down. He did answer my questions about after care and talked to me about the doctor in Miami that I would be going to.

~Blaq P.
Fort Myers, FL
Posted on 08/12/2005

Dr. Rodriguez and his staff are great. I would recommend him to anyone. After surgery he gives you his personal cell phone number. Answers his e-mails by the next day. His bedside manner is great. An Us doctor has never treated me that way he does. He is the best.

~A. P.
Waco, TX
Posted on 08/11/2005

Dr. Rodriguez seems to be a highly skilled surgeon from all I have learned about him. He served as Chief of Naval Surgery for the Mexican Navy. He's low-key, calm and collected. He is accommodating. His staff is competent and helpful. I only wish he were able to come to the states at regular intervals to perform the fills for his US patients - perhaps in four different quadrants. Air fare to Mexico is not cheap - nor are the hotels. After care could stand some improvements, and I believe they have definitely taken a look at that since my surgery on May 28, 2004.. Since my surgery, he has taken the steps necessary to provide much more aftercare to patients. Dr. Rodriguez avails himself to his patients and is will to speak by phone and/or email.

~Nada B.
Miami, FL
Posted on 06/29/2005

Excellent surgeon. Is a proctor for J&J. Doing lap bands for over 8 years. Very charismatic, upbeat and friendly. Wonderful follow-up. Gives every patient his cell phone number AND RETURNS CALLS! Has English speaking staff. Will do fills for free but you have to go back to Monterrey. I'm not a group type so I wouldn't participate in after care discussion groups even if I had the surgery done here in the states. I have nothing bad to say about this surgeon. He comes to the US periodically, gathers his patients and buys us breakfast or dinner while he hears how we've been doing. Cell phone number and personal follow-up. What a concept!

~Lc R.
Atlanta, GA
Posted on 03/08/2005

I was impressed by his web site. He has a good TEAM. I got response right away. Everyone was very supportive, informative, and no one was pushy. I talked several times to my Dr. in Monterrey, Mexico by phone. My impression was unwavering. I am very confident in Dr. Arturo Rodriguez. My Aftercare is planned, I will have my Band adjusted up in Dallas Texas in May. I would give Dr. Rodriguez a "10" out of 10 any day. I would highly recommend him. He has done over 3500 laparoscopic band procedures. 100% Positive. No Negatives.

~Janice L.
Corpus Christi, TX
Posted on 02/22/2005

My first impression was the day before my surgery, and he was very helpful with my questions. Because I opted to have surgery in Mexico due to a lower cost, I have only seen my Doctor twice. There was a very difficult language barrier with his staff and the hospital staff. I liked him a lot but I would warn people that none of the staff speak any English.

~Pam F.
Weatherford, TX
Posted on 01/31/2005

Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions regarding the surgery or the surgeon. :) Surgeon was great. I felt very comfortable however communication was difficult That was frustrating especially when you need help. Overall I was very satisfied with my trip and the doctor was wonderful. I am ready to let the weight loss begin.!! I would go with them again and I recommend to anyone. These are just my personal impressions of my experience and your experience will differ.

~Crystal L.
Ulman, MO
Posted on 01/18/2005

He was a great doctor! He made me feel very comfortable and safe. He came in before surgery and helped me to relax by talking to me and explaining everything that was going to happen. His staffs in Mexico were also very nice. His one staff member here in the US (Texas) was a little un-reliable - but she's pretty much just a patient who is so happy with his work she wanted to help spread the word. Probably what I liked least was the operating table. It was very uncomfortable... it wasn't padded very well - hard metal table made my rump hurt when I came to. Also it can be a little scary when everyone around you is speaking Spanish. But when the anesthesiologist came over to me he spoke excellent English and took all my fears away. Dr. Arturo Rodriguez is a great doctor who really knows what he's doing. I've not had any problems what-so-ever. My surgery was perfect. He even called me at home a couple weeks after surgery to see how I was doing. There isn't much "aftercare" as far as a structured program because he's in Mexico. I have found a local open support group. The only down fall of going to Mexico is the fact that you wont get the pre and post programs the hospitals here put you through. I would rate Dr Arturo Rodriguez overall a good doctor. I would go back to him and his staff for my plastic surgery. As far as his surgical competence and bedside manner... they were both just amazing!

~Diana S.
Mesa, AZ
Posted on 09/21/2004

Nice, professional Same Some were really good, others were really bad. Does not provide decent pain medicine. Morphine or Demerol is not used. Be ready to hurt some. He emphasized us needing to keep in touch. I have had a couple of calls from his workers. He explained the risks to me. Besides not having good pain medicine, I would say he is a good doctor. I stayed in surgery longer than I expected. His bedside manner was generally nice.

~Kellie B.
Cowarts, AL
Posted on 07/25/2004

I was most impressed with Dr Rodriguez as a caring individual. I felt that he was totally the most competent person to perform my surgery. The care in the small hospital in Monterrey was excellent. He came by twice when I was in the hospital for one night. He is very easy to reach and willing to take calls day or evening. I had a lot of communication with his assistant who is also a banded. She was most helpful. Because of the distance between Mexico and Canada I am not able to take part in his aftercare program. I would rate him as 10 out of 10 for surgical competence as well as bedside manner with a sense of humor.

~Helen C.
North, Canada
Posted on 07/01/2004

My first impression of him was that he was a very caring man. He met me at the hotel with his son and a patient who just had surgery with him and her family. The office staff was just as caring and friendly. They all made you feel like family. Future patients should know that he has your best interests at heart and takes a genuine approach to you. You leave with all of his phone numbers including his cell phone and he insists multiple times to call him if you should ever need him at any time of the day or night. He is very thorough with after care. He explains and answers any questions. I was surprised that they do not use butterfly band aids, only internal stitches. In the USA most doctors would use both to minimize scarring. I would have absolutely no problem recommeding him at this time.

~Kerrilynn S.
Mesa, AZ
Posted on 05/13/2004

Dr. Rodriguez was very friendly. He also made me feel very comfortable. His office staff are all very helpful and informed. His patient liaison for the United States is great. Everything was great, except it seemed that everyone was in a big rush. I had to travel to Mexico because I was a self pay. They were a little unorganized when it came to transportation, and being on time. I would rate him overall as being a very good Doctor.

~Becca A.
South Jordan, UT
Posted on 04/19/2004

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