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There has been a significant amount of reports, that has shown that the psychological effects on patients who have had this surgery have had a very positive outcome. It is known as a truly transforming procedure, not only physically, but mentally as well. It is seen as a gateway to a new, thinner and healthier life, for the person who decides to have lapband surgery.

There is such an amazing change that occurs, physically and mentally that even childhood friends dont recognize that person.


It is when friends and family see the changes, not only cosmetically but also the way one feels about themselves. The patient starts taking care of themselves and it becomes apparent to everyone around them. This is when a person will reevaluate the cost of surgery and realize that it is worth every penny spent.

Not only the effort that you have decided to take to change your life, but the loss of "feeling guilty" after eating, will encourage the you to keep on going.


The tremendous weightloss will absolutely change your veiw of the world. Then you will discover new and different things about your personality, that has been suppressed or hidden for a very long time. All of these changes will allow you to enjoy the world and all it has to offer. The choice is yours...


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