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Successful Weight Loss with Lap Band Surgery

Lap band surgeries are a type of restrictive procedure through which an inflatable band is surgically placed around the upper portions of the stomach, creating a small stomach pouch. This small pouch works to restrict the amount of food that can be eaten at any given time while increasing the amount of time it takes the stomach to completely empty itself. Many patients have reported successful weight loss with lapband surgery and outpatient nutritional counseling.

As a result of the lapband surgery, the patient will achieve a sustainable decrease in weight by slower digestion, reduced appetite, and limited food intake. This type of surgery is less traumatic than other types like the gastric bypass procedure. Unlike other permanent solutions to obesity, it is safe, adjustable, and reversible. The lap band provides a unique method for maintaining and achieving significant weight loss, enhancing the quality of your life, and improving your health.

During the lap band procedure, your surgeon will make a few tiny incisions into the wall of your abdomen. Using the latest laparoscopic technologies, a small adjustable silicone band is inserted and secured around the upper portions of the stomach. This lapband is then connected to specialized tubing which is then attached to an access port, which is located beneath the surface of the skin on the abdomen. This port is not visible to the naked eye, and allows the patient to make adjustments to the band as necessary.

The small pouch at the top of the stomach controls the amount of food that can be taken in at any given time. A small amount is permitted to pass through the lap band, thereby delaying the total emptying of the stomach. This process causes a sensation of fullness much sooner than normal. Eventually and over a course of time, hunger sensations decrease dramatically.

There are many advantages to lap band surgery as a method of treating obesity. Of all gastric surgery methods, lapband surgery has the lowest mortality rate. It is the least invasive surgical approach to weight loss as well. There is no stomach cutting, stapling, or intestinal re-routing. The lap band is reversible, adjustable, carries a low malnutrition risk, and has the lowest rate for operative complications among all similar procedures like gastric sleeve or gastric bypass.

Most patients that elect to have lap band surgery will not have to be hospitalized. In fact, the majority of all lap band patients go home the same day of their surgery. Normal activity can be resumed in as little as one week, while full recovery from lapband surgery takes about two to three weeks.

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