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Have Lap Band Surgery for Less in Mexico

Mexico has become the best location to obtain surgical operations for less money, especially in the areas of weight loss and plastic surgery. You can have lap band surgery for less in Mexico, yet still enjoy the same level of professionalism, technology, after-surgery care, and state-of-the-art medical facilities.

The Mexicans have developed numerous reputable medical schools in recent years, such as the University of Monterrey, and some of the best Mexican hospitals are located nearby with exceptionally skilled physicians and surgeons. Many American medical students have also obtained their education from this University. In addition to gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgeries, one of the most common and widely available surgeries in Mexico is the Lapband procedure.

Lapband surgery is also known as gastric band surgery. It is minimally invasive, especially when compared to other types of obesity control methods. The surgery is much safer as well. When comparing the price of this surgery between the United States and Mexico, patients can receive the exact same Lap band procedure in Mexico for up to 70% less than in the states. Despite the lower price, patients are advised to avoid the cheapest clinics.

Blindly placing trust in the least expensive location is not the best idea. Patients should expect to pay somewhere between $7,000 and $12,000 for the lap band or gastric bypass procedure. Avoid going to clinics that quote an extremely low Lapband price. Often, the reason for the deeply discounted price is due to a lack of business, poor reputations, a lack of proper facilities, or a lack of qualified personnel.

Choosing where you will obtain your lap band surgery is a very important decision. Certainly, you can have lapband surgery for less in Mexico, yet you must still make an informed, educated choice between hospitals, clinics and doctors. It is always the best choice to choose full-fledged hospitals for any surgical procedure in Mexico, primarily because they have all the necessary medical equipment and emergency surgical backup if any complications should arise. Good hospitals, such as Christus Health, will have major facilities such as blood banks, XRAY, MRI, and ICU centers. Some of these same hospitals will also have boarding facilities in which patients can stay along with a friend or relative. Finally, large hospitals will also have staff who speak English fluently, which is an important factor when considering a surgical procedure in another country. You need to be able to communicate your desires, your feelings, your pain, and your concerns to your physician or surgeon.

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