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Lap Band Surgery and Exercise

Exercise plays an important role in weight management after Lapband surgery, as well as overall fitness. It is important to put the emphasis on physical activity for both weight control and health.

“Weight Maintenance” rather than weight loss should be your primary focus. We encourage people personally and at our FORUM to increase their exercise activity and reduce their sedentary activity, to lose or maintain a certain weight after Lapband surgery. It is recommended that a minimum of 30 minutes of daily moderate to intense exercise is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The day after Lapband Surgery, you should start walking as usual. Two weeks after Lapband surgery you can do any kind of exercise. You can start full exercise 2 weeks after Lapband surgery.

It has been determined that there are direct links between weight gain, health risks, and obesity. With the Lapband Procedure there is a direct link between exercise and successful weight loss. One of the only factors that reduces the risks associated with obesity is exercise. After Lapband surgery, exercise is the most important factor in losing weight or at least in maintaining weight loss.

Planning an exercise program after the Lapband should be based on personal goals as well as on individual capabilities. The most important element to be considered is to think long-term and make exercise a permanent part of your life. There are several types of alternative exercise programs that are available today. It doesn’t mean that you have to join a gym or a fitness center after Lap-band surgery. But if you join a gym or fitness center, the key is to be consistent. You can make sensible fitness choices that are more desirable or fit your lifestyle.

Here are some examples:

Moderately Intense Activities:

  • Brisk walking (3-4 mph)
  • Cycling (10 mph)
  • Swimming or calisthenics
  • Racket sports or table tennis
  • Golf (without a cart)
  • Housecleaning, general*
  • Raking leaves*
  • Dancing*
  • Playing actively with children*

*Considered moderate only if they are performed at intensity comparable to brisk walking. (Source: Journal of the American Medical Association 273:402:1995.

Arturo Rodriguez, MD


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