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Talking about SEVERAL Lap Bands? The hidden story behind the Lap Band…PART I

You find yourself searching around Doctors or Promoters websites and you don’t find information about the existence of different Lap Bands. How come? Why is this information so hard to find?

How long have there been different Lap band Models?

When you visit message boards and forums and find little information about different models of the Lap Band, the information you do find usually comes from someone with misinformation (even when they think they are informed and write with some kind of authority because they have had the Lap Band surgery done) and their contribution to this subject is manipulated by comments by others.

Why is this not discussed PROPERLY on the message boards and forums?

It is difficult to believe that nobody cares about this. Why is there little interest in this?

Is it important to know that there are several different kinds of Lap Bands? Or does it matter at all?

Why is the market distracted by the Lap Band price and not the quality of the Lapband, the patient’s satisfaction with the Lap Band procedure or the doctor’s service?

Why hasn’t anyone questioned Allergan’s dark practices of flooding the border town’s market with supposedly Lap bands that have been stolen from the factory? Why is Allergan letting this happen? What does Allergan gain from this practice?

Other important questions to ponder:

  • Can weight loss be affected by the design or size of the Lap Band?
  • Does the design of the lapband have anything to do with complications?
  • Why is this information about the lapband not on the Doctor’s websites?
  • Why is this information about the Lap band not on the Promoter’s websites?

Is anyone going to be responsible for hiding this important information about the lapband to the patients?

Are there any legal aspects, corners or sides involved with these behavioral practices or with these different lapband models?

Why do Lap Band doctors in the U.S. say nothing about the existence of many different Inamed-Allergan models and say nothing about their results with each of them?

Why do Lap Band doctors outside the States (like in Mexico) don’t say anything about this on their websites and the other kind of bands they commonly use to make the Lap Band procedure cheaper?

How can you be alerted about a poor quality lapband before having Lap Band Surgery?

What should you ask about the Lap band before having surgery?

Answers to these questions will be contained in Part II


Arturo Rodríguez, MD


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