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I can’t have a Lap Band Surgery if I am not Super-Obese: Every day we do more Lap Band Surgeries in overweight and mildly obese patients especially if they have a family history of co-morbidities as Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol.

The tendency world wide is that patients qualify for the Lap Band Procedures with MBI of 30 and above.

The Lap band works also very well in patients who don’t want to gain weight but maintain in the weight they are and this is possible due to the Lap Band versatility to be adjustable to the patient’s needs.

You have to loose more than 10 pounds the first month after a Lap band Surgery: Yes, you do… The liquid diet should take you to lose much more than 10 pounds the first month after surgery. When patients don’t reach this minimum it is because they are drinking many liquid calories and/or are not moving at all to burn the excess fat.

Your goal after the first month of your surgery would be to lose at least 2 pounds per week and exercise will help you to reach this goal.

I am eating too much therefore I should go for a fill: You should not be based on the amount of food you are eating in order to have a Lap Band fill. As long as you are losing weight or sizes you won’t need a fill. This could mean that you are moving more than you did before or that you are choosing better what you are eating.

If you are in a plateau or gaining weight, then you should go for a fill.

The purpose of the fill is to increase the restriction to food when you quit losing weight.

Should I expect to lose weight without exercising? You can lose weight without exercise if you are in a very low calorie intake diet but normally you will need some kind of exercise in addition to the diet to lose or maintain your weight.

Remember that the Lap band is a tool and you have to learn how to use it and this includes the change in the bad old habits.

I was expecting not to be dieting with the Lap Band Surgery: Lap Band procedure is a restrictive aid for treating excess weight and needs full cooperation from the patients in order to work as desired. Even in patients with a big fill there are calories that will pass through easily, like ice cream or chocolates, and you can gain weight if you choose the wrong diet.

The key is: Follow a low calorie food intake plus do some kind of exercise.

The Lap Band shows me when I am over eating and that is why I vomit all the time: History of vomiting is frequently found in patients that have to be de-banded because of Lap Band Erosion or Slippage.

You have to learn to be satisfied before vomiting. If you are one that vomits frequently you are getting the bad habit of over eating, not chewing well or eating too fast and at some point you will end hurting your stomach.

I don’t need fluoroscopy for Lap Band fill: I recommend a fluoroscopic check up done at least once a year. Fluoroscopy helps us to detect early complications as anatomical changes and also the functional status of the Lap Band.

My friend has a very good fill with 3 cc and I do not: Stomachs differ in size from person to person and besides this everyone reacts different to the Lap Band. You can’t compare yourself with anyone.

That was Inamed’s big mistake: the Lap Band was made too short to fit all the patients’ stomachs assuming that they were equal in size. This caused patients to have complications as disphagia (difficulty for swallowing) after having the Lap Band surgery for several months.

Support Groups and Message Boards are a waste of time: It is critical for the patients to have a supportive group if they truly want to succeed.

I encourage all my Lap Band patients to join our Lap Band Message Boards where in a very friendly environment will feel comfortable when exchanging and sharing experiences.

Arturo Rodríguez, MD


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