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I hear this question all the time and there is not one answer to said for all the patients.

You have to find your own answer by asking some questions like:

  • Is the cost of the procedures an issue that will influenced my decision on which procedure to have?
  • Am I looking for the Metabolic Effect of the procedures more than the Bariatric or Obesity Effect or am I looking for both effects of the procedures?
  • Am I looking for a simplest or for a complex bariatric procedure?
  • Am I looking for the safest procedure?
  • Am I going to be able to follow the rules for success with the procedure I am choosing?
  • How much help will I get form the doctor and his staff after any of the Weight Loss Procedures?
  • Which of the Weight Loss Procedure fits to my life style better?

You have to be well informed about all the Weight Loss Surgical Options you have in order to have the answers but also it is very important for you to know about the doctors doing the Lap Band, the Gastric Sleeve or the Gastric Bypass, their bariatric experience, their surgical staff, the experience they have in revision surgeries, the ethics and professionalism of the promoters and the Weight Loss follow up and support they will provide you.

Here are some facts you should know as an initial step for your questions:


  • Now days, there is not an ideal Weight Loss Procedure that works for all kinds of patients; everyday we do more revisions surgeries because of the Lap Band, the Gastric Sleeve and the Gastric Bypass failures.
  • Gastric Sleeve is the Weight Loss Procedure that has the best response to Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and Hyper-Cholesterol (the Metabolic Effect).
  • The Lap band is the simpler and cheapest among the Weight Loss Procedures.
  • It is not truth that if you are vey heavy you will need to have the most drastic procedure.
  • The young or the elderly patients can have the Lap Band, the Gastric Sleeve or the Gastric Bypass.
  • The doctor’s experience influences the outcome of the Weight Loss Procedures.
  • The patient eating behavior can modify the outcome of any of the Weight Loss Procedures.
  • The open message boards have very many doctors’ coordinators trying to send patients their way and might confused patient’s right decisions.
  • The procedure with less surgical risk is the lap Band.
  • The procedure with the most surgical risk is the Duodenal Switch follow by the Gastric Bypass.
  • The average hospital stay for the Lap Band is one night.
  • The average hospital stay for the Gastric Sleeve is 2 nights.
  • The average hospital stay for the Gastric Bypass is 3 nights.
  • The Lap band needs to be “fill” periodically in order to work.
  • The Gastric Bypass needs supplements for life to avoid deficiencies.
  • You should quit alcohol with any bariatric procedure due to high risk of getting an ulcer.

Dr. Arturo Rodriguez
Bariatric Surgeon


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