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10 Proven Ways To Succeed with The Lap Band

Systems Work, People Fail…its That Simple!
Read it below!

“My Simple and Proven Way to Succeed With the Lap-Band in a Long Term Bases”

A) Before You Get Your Gastric Band:

  1. Search For Your Doctor:
    Now Days All The Doctor’s Web Sites Claim to be the Best, The Pioneers, The Experts, The Only Ones That Have Thousands of Lap Bands Done and The Only Ones That Can help You. Check With Allergan or Johnson & Johnson to See if is True What They Advertized on Google or Yahoo. To Be in The Right Hands is Very Important to SUCCEED. Do Not Play With Your Health. Don’t Look for The Cheapest Doctor but For a Good One.

  2. Double Check The Doctor’s Coordinators:
    They will Say Anything And I Really Mean ANYTHING to You to Get You to Their Doctors. Their Personality Will Tell You a Lot. Check Them for Signs of Aggressiveness, Disqualifications of Others Especially if You Ask Them About How Good Other Doctor Is or if They Tell You They Know Everything About Lap Band, Doctors, Hospitals, Etc… You Must Go to The Message Boards or the Forums Like LapbandTalk or Bandstersforum and Check their Posts. Look for “rumors”. Take Your Time Analyzing their Ethics and Professionalism. See if They Talk Bad About Doctors, Places, Patients or Even Other Coordinators. Many Times They do it Without Fundaments and Be Ready to Run Away From Them Because They Will Do The Same To You. Those Coordinators Don’t Help Patients, They Are helping Only Themselves Getting Your Money.

  3. Get Away also From The Companies that Move Patients through the border.
    They are in Between You and Your Lap Band. They Don’t Work For the Doctor they Are Promoting at All. That Doctor Means More Money to Them because They Got Him Cheap. They Want Just TO DO Business Instead of Helping You. You Are a Merchandize for Them. They Don’t Care Which Doctor They Send You To as Long as There is a BIG Profit for Them by Doing it. They Will Get any Doctor for your Surgery Even Without Been Qualified For as Long as They Make More Money by Doing So.

  4. Check with Banded Patients:
    You Need to Find Out For Yourself By Asking Banded Patients:
    How They Did It?
    What Is What they Did Not Like About the Process?
    How did The Doctor and His Team Treated Them?
    How Difficult Is to Have The Lap Band Done?
    What Complications Did They Had?
    How Fast Was The process to Have The Lap Band?
    How Long To Learn to Live with The Lap Band and to Start to See Changes?
    After You are Done with All Your Questions Ask Yourself If You Are Now Ready For Doing The Same Way Others Have Done it to Start Your FIRST BIG STEP to Succeed.

B) After You Got Your Gastric Band:

  1. Change In Habits:
    Small Actions You Take the Big Changes you Will See on Yourself!
    If You Don’t Walk, Walk. If you Walk, Do it faster. Park Far Away from Where You Go. Use Any Excused to Move like Taking The Dogs Out or Do some Gardening, Anything That keeps You Away From Old Habits…

  2. Your Lap Band Expectations:
    You Have to Picture Yourself at the End of The Lap Band Road and You Must Keep Focus on That Picture.
    The Vast Majority of Banded Patients Expects the Band to Work Alone by Itself and They Expect This Because That’s Why They Pay For but The Truth Is That You Must Put a Lot From Your Side in Order To Reach Your Goals.
    The Lap Band is a Helping Tool and Wont Do The Job Alone.

  3. The Optimum Band Fill:
    My Advise is To Reach a “Fill Point” Where You Can Keep Enjoying The Food You Like and Still Losing or Maintaining Your Weight.
    Do Not Compete With The Lap Band Forcing Food to Pass Through.
    Too much Tightness or Restriction Will Have You at the Border Line for Been De-banded.
    Stomach Erosion Happens Frequently in Patients with Big Fills.
    Don’t Try The Gastric Band To Do everything For You to Lose Weight.

  4. KEEP Good Communication with your Doctor or His Office:
    This is the Most Important of the 10 Keys for Success. Make Sure you can Reach Your Doctor Whenever You Need Him.
    The Bariatric Surgeons Must Act and Be Different then General Surgeons in the Follow Up Care.
    Your Bariatric Surgeon has to Be For You not Only for Doing the Surgery but Also for When You Need Him.
    It is Very Common Among Doctors that They Send You to His Nurse or to The Emergency Room but Your Bariatric Surgeon Has to be devoted for You ant His Patients if They Claim to Be a “Center of Excellence”.
    Don’t Hesitate and Call Him if You Have One of the Followings: Heart burn, Pain at the Port Area or in the Abdomen, if you are vomiting e/day, If you can’t Pass Saliva, if You need A Fill or an Unfill… Just Check if he Answers His Phone or Mails…

  5. Have a Barium Swallow or an Endoscopy at least Once a Year.

  6. Have your Fills Under Fluoro as Much As You Can, Office Fills do not Detect Early Easy Correctable Problems Until is Too Late To Be Solved.
    Slippage and Erosion are More Frequently Seen in Patients that Never Had Been Checked under Fluoroscopy.

Arturo Rodriguez, MD


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