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Curriculum Vitae, Dr. Rodriguez Lap-band Surgeon


Twelve years of Lap-Band Services

Doctor Arturo Rodriguez completed his bachelaurate program of premedical studies at the University of Monterrey in 1981. He completed his medical studies in 1985 and passed the Medical Review Boards for postgraduate medical education at Santa Monica, California, USA in 1985. He was awarded the rank of Surgeon General at the Naval Medical Center of Mexico after attaining an examination grade of MB+.

Diplome Bariatric - Lap band Surgeon

At the Naval Medical Center in Mexico city, Dr. Arturo Rodriguez was promoted to Chief of Surgery having worked with the Mexico Surgery Department of the Navy for 10 years as a Maritime Surgeon. He is certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates ECFMG and is holds the credential Diplomat in Laparoscopic Surgery, a level not easily obtained among surgeons and widely recognized worldwide by both American and international medical authorities. Further to these credentials, Dr. Arturo Rodriguez is certified by the Mexican Association of General Surgeons.

Diplomat in Laparoscopic Surgery - Lap Band

Doctor Rodriguez Lap-band expert surgeon

Widely recognized as a renowned Lap Band Surgeon, Dr. Arturo Rodriguez continues to mentor other surgeons through Continuing Medical Education Programs (CME) in the area of Laparoscopic Adjustable Silicone Gastric Banding (LASGB) which is also known as “Lap Band Surgery”. He is well known as both a teacher and lecturer, using the most up-to-date surgical procedures.

He is a Founding Member of one of the highly prestigious medical groups in Mexico, performing Lap Band surgery on patients who suffer from morbid obesity.

Diplomat - Laparoscopic - Lapband

Marine Surgeon

Over a fourteen year period, Dr. Arturo Rodriguez has performed more than 4500Lap Band procedures. He continues to be an innovative leader in the field of Lap Band surgery. In 1999 he was recognized by OBTECH, a Division of Johnson & Johnson Co. the honorary title of Professor for his work, research and teaching of surgical methods related to the Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band.

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As a head Lap Band surgeon, Dr. Rodriguez leads a team of surgeons, nurses, nutritionists and staff. Their primary goal is to help people overcome a life-long battle with obesity through Lap Band surgery.

He also specializes in complications that are a result of Morbid Obesity such as Hernias of the Abdominal Wall, colitis, diverticulitis, etc.

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