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Twelve years of Lap-Band Services

We Perform Your Gastric Lap Band Surgery at San Pedro and Christus Muguerza Hospitals

We are just as excited to welcome you to Monterrey, Mexico or Reynosa, Mexico, for your lapband procedure as you are to come. Here are a few navigation tips to help you on your way to your gastric lapband surgery.

Upon arriving to the airport in Monterrey, Mexico or Reynosa, Mexico, you will travel through customs as everyone else. You must make sure you have a driver's license and birth certificate or a current passport. The airport is very easy and there are English speaking people that work there. You will go to baggage claim, then through a glass door. When you reach this point we will have a chauffeur standing there, with your name on a board-your lapband procedure is close at hand.

The chauffeur will carry your luggage to the car and bring you to the hospital, where your lapband procedure will be performed, or your hotel depending on your prior arrangements. If you go to the hotel, someone from our office will call you to make sure you have everything you need and then pick you up and take you to the hospital, where your gastric lapband surgery will be performed. You won't have to worry about a thing.

If the taxi takes you to the hospital for your lapband procedure, we will have someone from our office meet you there. You will be accompanied through admissions (you will need your driver's license) and then you will go to your room. Dr. Rodriguez will be notified of your arrival and he will meet you either at your hotel room or hospital room.

If your surgery is the next day, then we ask that you don't drink or eat anything after 9 PM. We want you to relax and take it easy that evening. There is TV in the room and a wonderful café in the hospital if you get hungry.

The day of surgery is very easy for you. The O.R. (operating room) nurses will take extremely good care of you. They are more then capable to prepare you for surgery. At that time they will draw blood and place the I.V. in your hand. They will attach the monitors to you and then you will be taken into the operating room.Once in the operating room, you will meet Dr. Rodriguez and the rest of his team. When you wake up you will be in the recovery room.

The nurses will take care of you and then you will be brought back to your hospital room. The nurses will let you rest for a few more hours, and then they will help you up and start you walking.

The day you go home, Dr. Rodriguez will arrange a taxi to pick you up at the hotel. They will take you to the airport two hours before your flight. It is important to allow extra time at the airport for security checks.

Monterrey: Christus Muguerza Sur and San Pedro Hospital

Reynosa: Christus Muguerza Reynosa

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