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Twelve years of Lap-Band Services

We have a Brazilian team that has joined our team, for patients that are wanting the Laparoscopic R-N-Y surgery. This joint venture has created the most experienced and successful surgical team in the America’s. The two lead surgeons will be Dr. Almino Cardoso Ramos of Brazil and Dr. Arturo Rodriguez of Monterrey.

You are welcome to visit Dr. Cardoso Ramos’s website at For more information about this procedure, feel free to fill out an application, email, or call our office at
(011 52) 81 8378 3177

We started doing Gastric sleeve in 2006!!

I received a phone call from a lady a few months ago wondering how long ago had I been doing Gastric Sleeve because a couple of doctors told her that they had 8 years doing it and therefore they had very much experience on that procedure... I was shocked!!

Some history about Sleeve Procedure:

It was first done as part of a surgical procedure called "BPD-DS" meaning Bilio-Pancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch in 1988 for weight control as an Open Surgery.

Cirangle in California in 2004 reported 20 full laparoscopic Gastric Sleeves in high risk patients but Gagner and Milone were the first to bring the Gastric Sleeve to the Laparoscopic Bariatric World in 2005 as we all know it now!!!!!

Soon after 2005 several teams started Gastric Sleeves' programs as primary or solitary surgical procedure for weight loss or as the first of two steps in very high risk patients wanting GBP or BPD.

There were 3 teams seriously performing gastric sleeves at that time, one at the Cleveland Clinic in Miami, the second in Australia and the one I got involved with was in Sao Paolo, Brazil when I was visiting my friend Dr. Almino.

The first sleeve gastrectomy done by our group in Monterrey, Mexico was in June 2006 and by July we performed the sleeve to a Mexican Artist and we were out on the News and TV all over Mexico so people and specially the Mexican Surgeons started getting interested in the Sleeve procedure as an option for weight loss.

Early last year (2007), after the promising results for weight loss, other Medical Publications and Reports show a great improvement for “METABOLIC DISEASE” as Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood pressure and Hiper-cholesterolemy.

Many Doctors claim to be the PIONEERS on Lap Band and Gastric Sleeve.

I hope this clarifies the concepts of being a Pioneer....

Dr. Arturo Rodriguez

Related Surgery Cost

We have several different packages to have your surgery in Mexico.

This cost includes:

  • Five Star Hotel and the best Hospital in Monterrey or Reynosa (5 nights)
  • All standard pre-op testing and blood work
  • Check up by an Internist before surgery
  • Transportation to and from the airport, hotel and hospital
  • All follow-up visits with Dr. Arturo Rodriguez as well
  • The online support groups in English
Hospital Name
Christus Muguerza

Christus Muguerza Sur

Christus Muguerza
Christus Muguerza Reynosa
San Pedro
Hospital San Pedro

There are other packages available that are less expensive depending on your needs.

We can modify the packages to fit your budget. There are other Hospital / Clinics where you can have your surgery in Mexico performed that would lower the over all costs. It will depend on your comfort level.

The Hospital

The hospital is absolutely beautiful, it has all the convienences that we have in the States, but more. There is a huge difference in the care that Dr. Arturo Rodriguez provides to his patients than other doctors. The sanatation and regulations of the hospitals that Dr. Arturo Rodriguez practices in, are the same as in the States. Monterrey is a progressive city that is affectionately called "Little America". You will see the industry and companies that have made Monterrey their home too. There are differences between hospitals in Mexico when comparing "border towns" to a "metropolitan cities". It is the border towns and other very poor towns that have caused Mexico to have a bad reputation.

The Surgery

The most important thing to remember about the hospital and surgery is: The doctors, nurses, and staff know exactly what they are doing. They will take excellent care of you. Dr. Arturo Rodriguez will have someone with you that is able to speak fluent English and able to explain everything and continue to answer all your questions. You will have already met Dr. Arturo Rodriguez in person and will be ready for the new changes in your life. The surgery only takes about 30-40 minutes.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerts at:
For more information call:
(011 52) 81 8378 3177

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