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Before and After Lap-Band


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Lap band patient's photos.

Twelve years of Lap-Band Services

Before After  
Eric before Lap Band Eric After Lap Band

My Name is Eric Audit. I am a patient of Dr. Arturo Rodriguez. I was banded by Dr. R. in November of 2005 in Monterrey Mexico and lost nearly 100 lbs. in 8 months. My life has been changed forever.

Shelby before Lap Band Shelby after Lap Band Shelby
Lap-band Patient
Angelika before Lap Band Angelika after Lap Band My name is Angelika, my battle with weight mainly began when I was pregnant with my first child. Continue...
Linda before Lap Band Linda after Lap Band My name is Linda Pearce I'm 58 years old. I found Dr. Rodriguez's web site and after much research I knew he was the Doctor for me. I had my lap band surgery Oct. 2005. I have loss 85 lbs. My whole life has changed because of Dr. R and his team. The hospital and care in Monterrey Mexico was awesome, better then some of the hospitals in the states. Everything when just as they told me it would from being pickup at the airport to going to the hospital and back. Thank you Dr. Rodriguez and your team. You guys are the best. My life has changed forever.
Melva before and after Lap Band

Melva Gabura
Lap-band Patient


Rick before Lap Band Rick after Lap Band Rick Everett
Lap-band Patient
Kitty before Lap Band Kitty after Lap Band Kitty
Lap-band Patient
Carrie before Lap Band Carrie after Lap Band Carrie
Lap-band Patient
Shanna and Deanna before Lap Band Shanna and Deanna after Lap Band Shanna and Deanna
Lap-band Patient
Cathy before and after Lap Band Cathy
Lap-band Patient
Bobby before Lap Band Bobby after Lap Band Bobby Mikesh
Gastric Sleeve Patient
Cheryl before Lap Band Cheryl after Lap Band Cheryl Hood
Lap-band Patient
Tom and Margie before Lap Band Tom and Margie after Lap Band Tom Anderson & Margie
Lap-band Patient
Mary before Lap Band Mary after Lap Band Mary Ellis
Lap-band Patient
Tricia before Lap Band Tricia after Lap Band Tricia
Lap-band Patient
Tricia before Lap Band Tricia after Lap Band
Scott before Lap Band Scott after Lap Band Scott M. Jones
Lap-band Patient
Angelica before Lap Band Angelica after Lap Band Angelica
Bypass Patient
Elizabeth and James before
Elizabeth after James after

Elizabeth and her husband James had the operation on May 2008.

Weight before 246
Weight now 158

Weight before 313
weight now 232

Kerry before Kerry after

Kerry Cobb

Patricia before patricia after

Patricia Walker

"My surgery was on 06/13/2008 and I have lost a total of 107 Lbs.

I went from a size 22 to an 8 and I feel great! Thank you Dr. Rodriguez!"

Zamaira before Zamaira after

Zamaira Judith Rodríguez Alanís

Date of surgery: march 13, 2009

Before: 160 kilos
After: 94 kilos

66 kilos lost in less than a year!

Sherri Voebel

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