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My name is Angelika, my battle with weight mainly began when I was pregnant with my first child.  I gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy and after instead of loosing it I was steadily putting on more and more weight.  I tried all the diet remedies: pills, exercise, low carb diets, south beach, patches.  If I did loose some weight it was all just very short term and shortly I ended up weighing more then I did before the diet.  At one point I took my weight gain to the doctors and they diagnosed me with hyperinsulinism/hyperglycemia.  All I was told was the fact that you overproduce insulin will make it very hard to maintain your weight.  I never gave up though, because I had a such a hard time living in a overweight body, surrounded by thin friends and family, who would just tell me you have to eat less, completely not understanding my condition.

In the summer of 2003 I hit 260 lbs, at that point I knew I have to take the more drastic option and I started to look  into weight loss surgery.  At that time the most popular option was the gastric bypass but it was very scary for me because of the death rate being 1% and one of my co workers had it done and she told be all about it and showed me the scar.  It seemed that life after the  bypass wasn’t as uncomplicated as mentioned on the doctors websites.  She suffered from ongoing digestive problems, sensitivity to many foods, hair loss, anemia and after all that she never lost all of her weight.  She said at one point she just stopped loosing.  While I was doing the research I came across the Lap Band, the procedure was safe, not very invasive, adjustable and affordable.  I also wouldn’t have to take extra time off work and based on what I read it would be safe to have another child in the future.  

When I came across the website of Dr Arturo Rodriguez, I was very impressed with his credentials and even though I had doctors available closer I decided to fly to Monterrey.  I was a bit scared, but I didn’t want fear to get between me and my goals.  So I booked for the soonest available date, just so I wouldn’t have to think about it and just get it done.

As I am writing my story it is my 3rd anniversary since I have had the lap band.  I can not mention in how many ways my weight loss has improved my life.  What makes the band mostly successful for me is that I managed to keep the weight off for almost 2 years now and the fact that I am currently 5 months pregnant and the band is not interfering with me going through a healthy pregnancy. 

Thank you Dr. Arturo.  I could have never done it without your help.


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